Getting started with Sylius

Lector: Łukasz Chruściel

„Trainer, software engineer and API expert at Sylius.“

Location: Footshop, Prague

Duration: 8 hours

Capacity: 10 people

Price: 4 999 Kč

Have you heard about Sylius eCommerce framework? If so, you already know that it is an integral part of Symfony ecosystem and one of the most significant, publicly available projects developed in BDD methodology. If not, join me and learn the e-commerce technology of the future. Forget legacy platforms like Magento or PrestaShop. Enjoy being a developer again!

Training description

In the contemporary world, software needs more specialised features than ever. Companies grow over a specific part of data management or aimed task. Only the businesses that put most of their resources into a particular field can compete with others. In today’s global IT market, either you build the complete toolbox or provide an easy way to extend your product with other solutions.

In Sylius we do not compete with other e-commerce platforms in features’ lists. We want to be the best in e-commerce above all and provide a an excellent base for your ecosystem so you could integrate our product with best ones in other categories (CMS, PIM, ERP etc.) with ease. Do you need a rich content editor? Do not use an e-commerce software for that, choose a solution created for this purpose like Drupal, eZ, Sulu or any other. Product Information Management? Choose Akeneo or Pimcore.

If you need a solid base for your business, written with Behaviour Driven Development methodology, light and reliable software with a high-quality codebase, then Sylius is for you.

Join me and see that e-commerce development can be easy and fun. During 8-hours workshop together we will extend the basic Sylius implementation and add an option of grouping products into bundles. What is more, we will add a possibility to put the whole bundle to cart at once. As an addition, we will discount the price of an entire bundle and create a few default ones for the shop set-up so you can show effects of your work even simpler.

The workshop will be mostly code oriented. More comprehensive description of Sylius UI and setup will be the part of upcoming Sylius classroom trainings, for which you can sign up here:

After the workshop, you should be familiar with Sylius basics and will be able to start your first e-commerce project.

Training will be done in English.

What Will You Learn?

  • Being familiar with Sylius architecture and bundles separation.
  • Creating a CRUD API in minutes.
  • Creating a new resource with SyliusResourceBundle.
  • How to smoothly generate Admin CRUD scaffolding with SyliusGridBundle.
  • Learning how to use State Machine component in Sylius
  • How to improve project development with fixtures generation

What Do You Need to be Prepared?


  • New resource implementation - "Bundled product"
  • Extending Sylius Shop UI
  • Customization of cart logic
  • New state machine definition (Ready/Published)
  • New promotion rules for Bundled products
  • New fixture definition


Łukasz is involved in Sylius development for the last four years, currently a core team member. In the role of trainer, he provided several speeches and trainings across Europe. Kind of an API-guy, Pragmatic developer with the love to clean, quality code and automated tests. In private traveller, board game fan and lacrosse player.