PHP Prague

PHP Prague is a conference for all PHP programmers,
organized once a 2 years in the center of the Europe - Prague.

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Over 100 Programmers...

...from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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MVP: How we fucked-up despite a training in Rocketspace, San Francisco

David Velvethy
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Transactions in Distributed System

Jindřich Kubát
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What’s new in PHPStan

Ondrej Mirtes
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How To Love Git

Matous Czerner
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Total Recall - The application that never forgets

Holger Woltersdorf
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The Simplest Gitlab CI Pipeline Ever

Jan Mikeš
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Docker for PHP developers - Tips, Tricks & Lessons learned

Vladimir Kriška
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Machine Learning - how to begin to learn the machine in PHP

Arkadiusz Kondas
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Why Your Company Loses Money By Not-Open-Sourcing

Tomas Votruba
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Everything is User Input

Michal Špaček
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